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Google Cloud Expands Partnership With Vodafone On Data Analytics

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Google Cloud has announced a strategic collaboration with Vodafone to create a new, powerful integrated data platform for Vodafone to support the creation of new digital products and services. 

Both companies have asked about 1,000 employees in the United Kingdom, Spain, and the United States to help build “Nucleus,” a new cloud-based storage and analytics portal that will host the entire Vodafone data. It will be capable of processing and transferring massive amounts of data globally from various systems into the cloud. 

Vodafone stated in the post:Both companies will drive the use of reliable and secure data analytics, insights, and learnings to support the introduction of new digital products and services for Vodafone customers simultaneously worldwide.

With the collaboration of  Vodafone and Google Cloud, both companies will also build a system called ‘Dynamo,’ which will enable the operator to provide personalized goods and services to its customers. Nucleus and Dynamo are believed to be industry firsts, with the device capable of processing up to 50 terabytes of data daily.

Vodafone has already established more than 700 use-cases to help deliver new products and services across Vodafone’s markets. Operating Vodafone companies in several countries will be able to access its data analytics, intelligence, and machine-learning capabilities even more quickly and easily.

Johan Wibergh, Chief technical officer (CTO) at Vodafone, remarked, “Vodafone is building a powerful foundation for a digital future. We have vast amounts of data which, when securely processed and made available across our footprint using the collective power of Vodafone and Google Cloud’s engineering expertise, will transform our services to our customers and governments and the societies where they live and serve.”

The deal expands an existing partnership aimed to increase smart network services numbers within Google Cloud footprint from eight markets to the entire Vodafone footprint. Through this, Vodafone can precisely match network roll-out to consumer demand, enhance capacity, and make the most out of machine learning for resolving issues before customers get to know about them.

Furthermore, Vodafone will revamp its entire SAP environment to Google Cloud, including the migration of its core SAP workloads and key corporate SAP modules, including SAP Central Finance.

Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian commented: “Telecommunications firms are increasingly differentiating their customer experiences through the use of data and analytics, and this has never been more important than during the current pandemic. We are thrilled to be selected as Vodafone’s global strategic cloud partner for analytics and SAP and to co-innovate on new products that will accelerate the industry’s digital transformation.”

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