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Google Cloud Introduces Its Business Application Platform

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Google Cloud has introduced its business application platform that combines the API management capabilities of Apigee with the no-code application development platform of AppSheet that was acquired by Google earlier this year.

As part of this process, Google is all set to launch a count of new features for both services. It is introducing the beta of a new API Gateway, built on top of the open-source Envoy project. This would be a fully-managed service to make it easy for developers to secure and manage their APIs across the cloud computing services of Google and serverless offerings like Cloud Functions and Cloud Run. This new gateway that has been in alpha for a while now provides all the standard features that the users can expect, including authentication, key validation, and rate limiting.

The Google Cloud team as for its low-code service AppSheet is now making it easier than ever to bring in data from third-party apps, guided primarily by the general availability to Apigee as a data source for the service. It is worthwhile to note here that AppSheet already supported standard sources like MySQL, Salesforce, and G Suite but the new feature adds a lot of flexibility to the service.

AppSheet is also introducing new tools to automate processes inside the service, thanks to the early access launch of AppSheet Automation. This also means that developers would not have to write any code and they can instead access a visual interface, that, according to Google, “provides contextual suggestions based on natural language inputs.” 

We are confident the new category of business application platforms will help empower both technical and line of business developers with the core ability to create and extend applications, build and automate workflows, and connect and modernize applications,” Google notes in an announcement.

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