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Google Cloud Launches New Solutions For retailers

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It is fair to say that various industries like banking, manufacturing, energy, retail, life sciences, and healthcare have been growth markets for the company. In a recent announcement, the Google Cloud Management team has made a concrete decision to concentrate on these industries because of the expected rapid increase in growth rate. For example, the competitors of Amazon are planning to take the non-AWS services on the cloud.

Google Cloud made this announcement at the NRF 2020, one of the largest retail events.

At the current hour, announcements are more inclined towards particular vertical editions of current services including Google Cloud API Management for Retail by Apigee or Google Anthos for Retail, particularly targeting retailers willing to modernize their infrastructure and store operations. 

Presently, Google Search is serving the most appropriate product search results for retailers. Google Cloud is also looking forward to expanding its services to more customers who can enjoy the benefits of Retail Acceleration Program and ultimately making its white-glove Customer Reliability Engineering Service. This results in serving retailers to move to a better plan for managing their peak shopping days and thus making it available to more customers.

One more surprising fact is that new services like Google Cloud 1:1 Engagement for Retail that is defined as a blueprint to build these types of data-driven solutions with a less upfront cost. The main idea behind this definition is to serve the retail sector and allow them to use Google’s big data platform for a better understanding and more customer engagement.

Two more new services have been added – Buy Optimization and Demand Forecasting that are designed considering the fact that they will help retailers plan their logistics operation in a more organized manner.

The fact that Google Cloud is putting efforts to be the no. 2 Cloud Service Provider, Google really needs to work on large operations, particularly the verticals still trying to get their cloud strategies sorted.


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