Google Cloud Launches Training And Certification Courses

Google Cloud Launches Training And Certification Courses

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Google Cloud is launching new ways for partners and individuals to develop and showcase their cloud computing skills. Employees can demonstrate to existing and potential employers about their growing skills recognized by Google Cloud and share progress with their network using digital skills badges exclusive to Google Cloud. 

Digital badges can be earned by completing labs and a rigorous practical skill test at Qwiklabs. Google Cloud has made Qwiklabs available for free for 30 days until the end of 2020, making hands-on practice and skills development accessible to anyone interested in starting a career in the cloud.

Nine skills learning badges are available on Google Cloud:

  • Create and manage cloud resources
  • Perform basic infrastructure tasks in Google Cloud
  • Install and configure cloud environments in Google Cloud
  • Implementation and administration of cloud environments in Google Cloud
  • Implementation in Kubernetes in Google Cloud
  • Create interactive applications with Google Assistant
  • Website creation on Google Cloud
  • Obtaining data information with BigQuery and creating fundamental data
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence in Google Cloud

We recognize that people want to develop skills in the cloud, and Google Cloud wants to be there for people, as well as for our customers, to make all kinds of offers easy and accessible to everyone,” said Rochana Golani, Director of Learning and Activating Google Cloud.

Rochana Golani noted an increase in Google Cloud learning resources. Registrations increased by 50% and Google Cloud training finalization got doubled across all platforms and partners.

Golani added, “There was this demand accumulated when the test centers closed. We really use this opportunity to be useful, to attract as many people on the road, and give them the opportunity to improve because the cloud remains a highly demanded skill.

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