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Google Cloud Launches VMware Platform

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Google Cloud has decided to step up its efforts by working with VMware to launch Google Cloud VMware Engine.

The Google Cloud VMware Engine is a fully-managed service that can be offered by Google Cloud Partners. In a blog, June Yang, general manager at Google Cloud, described the product to enterprises as a tool to migrate or extend your on-premises workloads to Google Cloud in minutes by connecting to a dedicated VMware environment directly through the Google Cloud Console

Yang added the Google Cloud VMware Engine would allow users to seamlessly migrate to the cloud without the cost or complexity of refactoring applications, and run and manage workloads consistently with their on-premises environment.  It was further added by Yang that users can reduce their operational burden by running their VMware workloads on Google Cloud while benefiting from scale and agility, and maintain continuity with their existing tools, policies, and processes.

The platform seamlessly works with the entire Cloud Foundation stack of VMware that supports hybrid and private cloud environments. That stack includes vSphere, vCenter, vSAN, NSX-T, and HCX for cloud migration.

Speaking directly to enterprises, Yang wrote that we take care of the life cycle of the VMware software stack and manage all related infrastructure and upgrades. Yang further commented that customers can continue to leverage IT management tools and third-party services consistent with their on-premises environment. Google Cloud is teaming with a number of storage, backup and disaster recovery providers including NetApp, Actifio, Veeam, Zerto, Cohesity and Dell Technologies for third-party support. 

“Running VMware workloads on Google Cloud is a priority for many enterprise customers as they look to benefit from the scale and agility of the cloud while maintaining consistency across hybrid and multi-cloud environments,” said Peter Cutts, senior vice president, digital transformation officer at Atos Cloud Enterprise Solutions.

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