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Google Cloud Next 2021: The Key Announcements

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On October 12, Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai and Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian announced exciting new products, features, expansion plans, partnerships, and more at the keynote presentation of Google Cloud Next 2021.

According to Pichai, Google Cloud is presently available in 28 regions and connected by 19 subsea cables, expanding to ten more. Furthermore, the Grace Hopper transatlantic cable will be the first to use revolutionary optical fibre switch; it has extended to Warsaw, Delhi, Melbourne, and Toronto this year.”

Regarding Google Assistant, he added Google Cloud has the unique capacity to integrate the customer ecosystem with the enterprise environment, boosting enterprise customer experience and satisfaction. Pichai also said the company had joined hands with global telecom leaders, including Erricson, Nokia, and T Systems, to provide 5G edge and hosted computing solutions.

He highlighted Smart Canvas in Google Workspace, BigQuery, Omni, and other Google Cloud products as examples of how the company innovates. “We’ve released over 1500 products and features in the last year.” “That’s approximately four a day,” Pichai explained.

Other Key Announcement:

Kurian stated at Google Cloud Next 2021 that Tableau would be integrated with Looker, Google Sheets, and BigQuery. “Looker’s semantic model will soon be available to Tableau customers, allowing new degrees of data governance and access to data,” he added.

Kurian also announced the debut of Google Distributed Cloud, a hardware and software portfolio that extends Google’s infrastructure to the edge. HP, Dell, Cisco, and NetApp are just a few companies that use these services.

In addition, Google Cloud launched Smart Canvas to assist content producers in removing friction from processes and allowing teams to stay engaged outside of meetings to promote well-being and eliminate video call fatigue. 

Finally, Google Cloud revealed that its SLSA (pronounced “salsa”), a Google framework for preventing software component tampering, is now available for all apps, including modern and legacy, online and desktop, and even production environments.

As per the IDC report, the Google CEO announced innovative ways to assist 1 billion people in making more sustainable business choices. Previously, Google has introduced customers to choose the cleanest regions to run their workload.

Google has launched Carbon Cloud Emission Data, a service intended to measure, track and report the gross carbon emission associated with Google cloud usage. Also, it will be integrated directly into Salesforce Sustainability Cloud.

Sundar Pichai said,  “Having this data at your fingertips is important, and we know that many customers track sustainability data in other places.”

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