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Google Cloud Releases Supply Chain Twin Solution

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Google has developed the Supply Chain Twin solution to assist businesses globally in building a digital twin of their physical supply chain through multiple sources.

With the Supply Chain Twin solution, businesses would plan and make better, informed decisions using the Supply Chain data from business systems, partners, and public sources to gain complete visibility into suppliers, inventories, and more.  The new solution aims to optimize supply chain functions that include logistics, sourcing, and distribution. 

Furthermore, Google Cloud has also announced the Supply Chain Pulse module that can be used in collaboration with Supply Chain Twin to deliver real-time dashboards, advanced analytics, alerts on critical issues such as potential outages, and collaboration in Google Workspace.

The two new supply chain solutions are globally available to users in the “Preview” form.

Types Of Google Cloud Supply Chain

Business systems:

Get to know about operations by integrating information such as location, products, orders, and inventory from ERP and other internal systems.

Supplier and partner systems:

Gain a holistic view of the business by integrating data from suppliers, including stock and inventory levels and partners, such as material transportation status.

Public sources:

Understand supply chains in the broader environmental context by linking contextual data from public sources such as weather, risk, or sustainability data, including public datasets from Google.

Important Features Of Google Cloud Supply Chain

Real-time visibility and advanced analytics:

You can check critical performance indicators with executive performance boards to know supply chain status.

Alert-driven event management and collaboration:

You can set mobile alerts triggered when key metrics reach user-defined thresholds. Also, you can create collaborative workflows that allow users to collaborate on Google Workspace to solve problems.

AI-driven optimization and simulation:

Enable AI-based algorithm recommendations to offer tactical responses to changing events, signal more complex issues to users, and simulate the effects of hypothetical situations.

According to Google Cloud, disruptions in the COVID-19 supply chain indicate the need for more up-to-date details and information about operations and inventory levels.

Hans Thalbauer, Managing Director (MD), Supply Chain and Logistics Solutions, Google Cloud, remarked, “Siloed and incomplete data is limiting the visibility companies have into their supply chains.”

The Supply Chain digital twin solution is designed in such a way that partner integration takes less time than traditional API-based integrations. According to Google Cloud, initial clients also see a drop in analytics processing time, from hours to minutes, in some cases.

Simon Ellis, Program VP, IDC, said, “end-to-end visibility across the entire supply chain is a top priority for supply chain professionals to optimize planning, real-time decision-making, and monitoring.”

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