Google Cloud Unveils Wide-ranging, Massive Global Response To COVID-19

Google Cloud Unveils Wide-ranging, Massive Global Response To COVID-19

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Google Cloud has announced a series of initiatives to help businesses, government agencies, and people overcome the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

The efforts of Google Cloud include donating $20 million in cloud credits to COVID-19 researchers, 1,100 retail workers in Germany running remotely on G Suite in 48 hours, handling a 25X super-spike in demand for Google Meets, and more. In the last few weeks, Google Cloud brought much-needed support and new capabilities to students, parents, medical researchers, government institutions, businesses, and remote workers.

Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian in a blog post outlining the company’s efforts said we are all in the midst of an extraordinary moment—not only for our teams, colleagues, and customers but for the world at large. Kurian added that all over the world, businesses and users depend on Google Cloud to help them stay connected and get work done and added that we take this responsibility very seriously.

Google Cloud is providing free access to a wide range of massive COVID-19 datasets for research by offering $20 million in cloud-computing credits to academic and non-profit research teams handling the COVID-19 outbreak. Google Cloud’s global efforts include connecting 1.3 million students in New York City to Google Classroom for remote learning in the segment of education. 

Google Cloud infrastructure is helping nonprofit Khan Academy to assist Khan handle a surge in time spent on site (up 2.5X) and new registrations from teachers and students (up 6X) and from parents (up 20X). Google Cloud is also offering assistance to overtasked government agencies developed chat technology empowered by artificial intelligence to allow citizens phoning in to get vital information more quickly.

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