IBM And Mulesoft Partners To Accelerate Flexibility Across Public And Private Clouds

IBM And Mulesoft Partners To Accelerate Flexibility Across Public And Private Clouds

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Mulesoft and IBM established a global partnership this week. This partnership intends to support financial services and other joint customers and further develop integrations and solutions centered on the IBM Z product family. 

With this partnership, IBM intends to increase its overall investment in integration software and industry experience. This also includes expanding its consulting services organization’s number of Mulesoft-Certified Professionals.

By 2023, approximately 30% of innovation activities, ecosystems, workforce, and customer engagement will be virtualized, according to the latest state of Salesforce research from IBM and Oxford economics. Moreover, the drive to the digital-first customer and employee experiences has resulted in more data generation than ever before from more systems – and delivering these linked digital experiences will necessitate seamless data integration, maybe across several siloed systems.

IBM consulting boosts the number of Mulesoft-Certified employees to enable intelligent workflows, automation, and industry-focused use cases that drive digital transformation. It is part of its long-standing Salesforce Business. IBM consulting, a global Salesforce partner, uses the industry experience of certified Salesforce and Mulesoft practitioners to help businesses achieve critical business goals and scale innovation more quickly.

Today, IBM Z is used by 85 of the world’s top 100 banks. In addition, Mulesoft now supports IBM Z’s digital integration hub, allowing collaborative financial services companies to integrate essential business systems and communicate real-time, industry-relevant data with Mulesoft.

The IBM Z digital integration hub enables flexible, cost-effective real-time information transfer between numerous record systems on Z/Os and loud settings.

Mulesoft enhances IBM Z’s digital integration hub by allowing users to communicate current information securely. It easily integrates with external applications with just a few clicks, rather than writing code, and is also held in the Z digital integration hub via reusable APIs.

Moreover, Mulesoft now offers a CICS link via the IBM CICS transaction gateway to give clients even more alternatives.

IBM and Mulesoft aim to work together to speed up integration with core systems and hybrid cloud application development and support for governance, risk, and compliance requirements.

Mulesoft will help joint clients speed their apps, data, and processes in an open hybrid cloud architecture. 

Further, this will be part of the cloud modernization center, a digital front door to many tools, training, resources, ecosystem partners, and IBM Z. 

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