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IBM Power Systems brought by Google to its Cloud

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Google Cloud is trying to manipulate more enterprises to shift their platform. It is putting a lot of effort into being capable enough for businesses to access a roadmap for their current legacy infrastructure and workloads that are quite hard to replace. A number of workloads run on IBM Power Systems with particular Power Processors.

The fact that till the current date, IBM was the only vendor providing with the cloud-based Power systems. But now, Google Cloud has decided to establish a partnership with IBM to launch IBM Power Systems on Google Cloud

Kevin Ichhpurani, Google Cloud’s Corporate Vice President said, “Enterprises looking to the cloud to modernize their existing infrastructure and streamline their business processes have many options.” Ichhpurani added that some businesses are looking forward to re-platform the entire legacy system to make it suitable for the Google Cloud. 

The Google Cloud’s Corporate Vice President also commented that some businesses may continue to leverage their existing infrastructure simultaneously, enjoying all the benefits from Google Cloud’s flexible consumption model and changes in sectors like analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Many companies use Power Systems for mission-critical workloads based on SAP and Oracle apps and databases. With the help of these Power Systems, workloads can be smoothly shifted to Google Cloud without the need for re-engineering of applications and infrastructure.


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