International SOS Collaborated With Salesforce And AOKpass

International SOS Collaborated With Salesforce And AOKpass

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International SOS announced its collaboration with Salesforce and AOKpass at Web Summit 2021. They launch a digitally integrated testing and vaccination solution to International SOS’ medical services. Also, this vaccination solution safely manages COVID-19 testing, vaccine administration, monitoring, and health certification.

The main objective of this collaboration is to assist organizations in managing the current epidemic and ensuring the health of their employees. Moreover, this partnership will collect information, advise and plan on-the-ground delivery and digital certification.

Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of International SOS, Arnaud Vaissié, says, “ There is no easy way out of the pandemic, but secure and effective testing and immunisation will be critical to maintaining company operations, ensuring a safe return to work, travel, and activities, and preventing infection spread. “

The International SOS HealthCloud360 digital platform is built on Salesforce cloud technology and effortlessly interacts with AOKpass. Additionally, this portable digital certification uses blockchain technology to verify an employee’s testing or vaccination status securely.

It is both user-friendly and scalable across numerous nations and sites as an integrated digital platform. It involves rigorous reporting and analysis to provide clients with a complete picture of the program’s progress. Furthermore, it was created with the highest security and data protection in mind; it is GDPR compliant and meets all ISO certification requirements.

This integrated digital platform is available through International SOS clinics, medical specialists on-site at client sites and has a network of over 90,000 qualified medical practitioners. In addition, the solution covers the acquisition of COVID-19 vaccinations and the administration of local supply chain logistics if in-country rules allow.

The Key Features Of This Collaboration Are:

  • Eligibility management
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Clinical workflow management
  • Vaccines and consumables inventory management
  • Issuance of digital certification
  • Testing/vaccination status monitoring
  • Result verification

Sujith Abraham, Salesforce Southeast Asia’s Senior Vice President and General Manager, says, “Salesforce is happy for the chance to assist International SOS in deploying technology that provides world-class security, user-friendly applications, and customised insights. The International SOS HealthCloud360 platform helps organisations, large and small, to take appropriate care of their residents and employees in an environment where speed and manpower are important.

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