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Tableau Pulse (Tableau GPT) by Salesforce: Revolutionizing Analytics with Generative AI

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Salesforce has announced plans to integrate generative AI into Tableau, the leading data visualization platform. 

This will be achieved through the launch of Tableau GPT, which will bring AI natively into the user experience and help users work smarter, learn faster, and communicate better. 

The announcement was made at the Salesforce Tableau Conference on 9th May 2023 in the USA.

Tableau Pulse, a reimagined user experience for Tableau, will also be powered by Tableau GPT. It will provide users with automated analytics, personalized metrics, natural language and visual insights.

Tableau GPT will be built on Einstein GPT, the technology that delivers auto-generated AI content within the Salesforce platform. By simply asking questions within the Tableau GPT console, users will be able to uncover new insights conversationally.

Using Tableau Pulse, people will be able to work with data in a personalized, AI-powered way. Metrics that need attention are displayed at the top of the homepage.

Underneath, they can see the metrics they’re following, with each card showing the latest value of the metric, a visual of the trend, and AI-generated insights. 

Taking guidance from Tableau GPT prompts or asking questions lets users surface insights in natural language and visual format. There will be a pilot version of Tableau Pulse available later this year.

Ryan Aytay, President and CEO of Tableau, said, “Tableau GPT and Tableau Pulse, together with Data Cloud, give customers a next-generation analytics experience that empowers every user to make better decisions faster with relevant data, bringing the power of data and analytics to everyone.”

The VizQL Data Service for developers and the new Data Cloud for Tableau features will launch later this year. By integrating the VizQL Data Service into automated business workflows, users will be able to embed Tableau easily anywhere. 

The Data Cloud, also known as Genie, unifies customer information across multiple channels and interactions. It will also support zero-copy data sharing, making Data Cloud data instantly available to anyone.

More insight into customer data will be possible thanks to the new features in Tableau Cloud for Data Cloud. Users can query millions of records with a single click using Instant Analytics and analyze and visualize any Data Cloud data live inside Tableau. 

Through Data Spaces, users will be able to break down data and processes across multiple brands, departments, or regions, enabling them to derive calculated insights for each segment within a single Data Cloud instance.

Overall, Salesforce’s efforts to deliver secure generative AI to more parts of their platform will help Tableau users better understand and interact with their data in a trusted and secure way. 

We look forward to what the future of Tableau Pulse will bring for all of us.

We will keep you posted for any further updates relevant to Tableau GPT or Tableau Pulse.

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