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Is Apple Going To Follow In The Footsteps of Amazon?

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In a war of big data, Apple is planning to enlarge its software and cloud-based services along with its production of iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks. Apple is presently proportionally reliant on its cloud division and Amazon Web Services for which it pays $30 million monthly to Amazon’s cloud division. 

With AWS holding its race in cloud services on the ground, other competitors like Microsoft and Google have also been revolutionizing their data centers, along with Apple innovating their own cloud computing team called Apple Cloud Infrastructure. This will be in order to cater to smooth customer experience since Apple is facing numerous fallouts in offering such services to its vast zone of customers. 

Amazon’s AWS journey that started in 2006 grew out of the system’s failure for building an eCommerce platform at its peak growth leading to a more organized and centralized development interface. With their optimized and identified core competencies, Amazon’s engineers who are skill at par made it to the creation of the most powerful cloud solutions which every software company is looking up to. It is no wrong if organizations like Apple start mapping their framework on Amazon’s footprint and start offering their services to other companies. In order to put a halt on the service issues, Apple has been long prepping to carve its way into cloud computing. 

Project Pie of Apple’s secret cloud services has been on front rumors to bring its Siri, iCloud, and Maps team under one roof since the company is hitched on user experience and to maintain the brand’s reputation. Apple is making heavy investments in these data construction spaces and this highlights their clear vision of an exemplified cloud computing field along with their ongoing mass hiring in the cloud infrastructure space. And when you connect all the dots down the line, one can find the company’s strategies to add an edge in this war of big data. 

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