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Key Highlights From Salesforce Connections’24

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Salesforce, the leading provider of CRM solutions, has just concluded its highly anticipated event, Salesforce Connections ’24, in Chicago. 

The event featured groundbreaking announcements that are set to revolutionize how businesses navigate the Salesforce ecosystem. 

Among the highlights was Salesforce’s expansive enhancement of its Einstein AI capabilities, which promise to redefine customer experiences, operational efficiency, and overall growth strategies.

One of the highlights is the introduction of new Einstein Copilot features for marketers and merchants. Einstein Copilot, Salesforce’s trusted conversational AI assistant, offers enhanced support for daily marketing and merchandising tasks, including:

Einstein Copilot for Marketing:  is now available, offering pre-built actions to simplify campaign creation by automatically generating marketing briefs, content, and email campaigns. It accelerates time-to-market with auto-generated responses based on customer data and aligned with brand voice.

Einstein Copilot for merchants: Einstein Copilot streamlines commerce tasks using natural language prompts. It simplifies storefront setup, generates personalized promotions, and provides AI-powered SEO recommendations to boost product discoverability and revenue.

Einstein Copilot for Shoppers, available now, enhances e-commerce interactions. It allows customers to use natural language to find products, explore catalogs, and ask questions, making online shopping more intuitive.

In addition to these advancements, with Data Cloud for Commerce, retailers can harmonize data like product details, inventory status, and transactional history. This unified view enables merchants to boost revenue and efficiency through AI-powered analytics and automation.

Lastly, Salesforce introduced Einstein Personalization, an AI decision engine leveraging real-time customer data to deliver personalized marketing campaigns across touchpoints. This ensures relevant offers and content tailored to individual preferences, fostering deeper customer engagement.


Salesforce Connections ’24 has unveiled a host of groundbreaking AI innovations that promise to redefine the business landscape. From enhanced AI capabilities to streamlined marketing and commerce tasks, these advancements hold the potential to revolutionize customer experiences and drive growth across industries.

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