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Key Takeaways And Announcements From TrailheaDX

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As two years of rules imposed because of the pandemic ends, the Salesforce community is reunited at TrailblazerDX ’22.  TrailblazerDX, the developer event of the year, was a 2-day hybrid conference with both in-person and online experiences for Salesforce admins, developers, architects, partners, entrepreneurs, and students to learn new things across the Salesforce platform, connect with peers, have fun, and give back to the community.

This Trailblazer’s event brings together developer communities and professionals across Salesforce, Slack, MuleSoft, and Tableau for the first time.

The TrailheaDX event wrapped up with exciting announcements of several new products, strategic partnerships, and key innovations.

Key Announcements at TrailblazerDX 2022.include:

  1. Salesforce Flow: The innovations in Salesforce Flow will help developers automate complicated tasks and create integrated processes across various systems.
  • Salesforce Flow components integration with Slack, MuleSoft, Tableau, and Einstein AI.
  • Ability to run Lightning Flows from Slack.
  • Ability to run Flow actions from Tableau.
  • RPA functionality is enabled via Flow Components.
  • Code builder, a unified IDE,  created for development across Salesforce, MuleSoft, and eventually all the clouds.
  • An APEX SDK for Slack custom development
  1. Profile Enhancements – The Profile new features will allow Trailblazers to showcase their learning, connections, and achievements across all 

Salesforce technologies in one centralized source, including:

  • Ranger ranks: Acquire new ranks on Trailhead up to All-Star Ranger.
  • Ecosystem certifications: Showcase your MuleSoft, Slack, and Tableau certifications.
  • Community Tags: Display your communities and persona to find others with similar professional paths and interests.
  1. Anypoint Code Builder: Anypoint Code Builder has been announced, replacing Anypoint Studio to enable MuleSoft developers to create application programming interfaces (APIs) and streaming/integration using a browser-based IDE.

Anypoint Code Builder uses modern open-source VS Code familiar to almost all Salesforce developers. Built-in recommendations and access to building block libraries for popular APIs and integration models increase developers’ productivity and efficiency.

  1. Salesforce DevOps Center – Like Azure DevOps, GearSet, and Jenkins, this tool allows release managers to create channels that enable natural CI/CD processes to migrate changes between Orgs. It links to Github repos, branches, and approval processes.

  2. Tableau Embedded Analytics: Tableau’s new tools for embedding analytical experiences into their products and applications empower developers to take data visualization to new horizons.

You can now trigger Salesforce workflows and automation from the Tableau dashboard with all the new flow actions for Tableau. These improvements will help companies shift from insight to actions using clicks. This will also help automate business processes within the organization.

  1. AWS Integration – The new Salesforce Connect event relay and adapter are now available in Pilot that will help connect your Salesforce org to your AWS services. The new Salesforce Connect adapter displays data services from your AWS account, and your admins and developers can then use those services in their Salesforce applications. 

Additionally, Event Relay simplifies two-way integration between AWS and Salesforce services and accelerates your application development.

These were the latest and most amazing product announcements from TrailblazerDX ’22. These top announcements from TrailheaDX will surely improve the work productivity of Salesforce admins and developers and help them make the most out of their Salesforce investment. 

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