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Sharing is caring!, the world’s top B2B sales enablement platform, has announced the strategic partnership with Salesforce, the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform, by becoming a certified member of Salesforce AppExchange. By combining the power of and, the sales teams can deliver a world-class sales enablement program built into the Salesforce platform. is a sales enablement solution designed specifically for B2B. Its streamlined and intuitive interface helps sales reps close more deals and build better and meaningful relationships by delivering tailored marketing content, sales tools & resources, and training information to users when and where they need it.

With the new AppExchange integration, sales reps can reap all the advantages of the system, which is natively integrated into the Salesforce platform. 

Some of the key features include:

  1. Content recommendations based on prospect details in Salesforce, including sales stage, buyer persona, industry type, product type, and many other attributes.

  2. Integrated analytics provides clear visibility on customer engagements, such as email opens, content views, and total time spent reviewing shared content.

  3. Training recommendations for sales reps based on the account type, buyer persona, product type, and many other characteristics.

  4. Content sharing capabilities have integrated that link directly to the user’s email client.

  5. With all the features hosted in the Salesforce environment, users no longer have to switch systems to take advantage of sales enablement software.

  6. Powerful content management platform integrated directly into the framework of the Salesforce environment.

Chris Skura, CEO of, started the company on the belief that solution sellers need the right tools to create memorable sales interactions with their customers. “We see the Salesforce partnership as a critical piece of the puzzle to continue delivering world-class sales enablement solutions to our clients,” said Skura.

He further added, “We know that our clients expect their sales enablement system to integrate seamlessly into their existing tech stack, most importantly, their CRM. Being that is the most widely used CRM globally, we see this partnership as an essential feature to reinforce’s position as one of the best sales enablement platforms for B2B.”

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