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LinkedIn Takes A Big Step Towards CRM Integration

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LinkedIn, the world’s most popular professional networking website, has announced new enhancements to its Sales Navigator Tool. These enhancements promise to significantly boost pipeline quality and increase sales and marketing efficiencies.

The CRM Sync capability of the updated tool will now help in the creation of new contacts (and check for duplicates) in a customer relationship management system using LinkedIn data. It would also be used for flagging contacts in a CRM system that have not been updated within 24 hours after changes were made to them in LinkedIn. The CRM Sync capability will also issue an alert to ysers when a potential “champion” moves to a new company. The aim of these functionalities is to increase productivity.

LinkedIn Product lead Lindsey Edwards said sellers have countless tabs open, copying and pasting information. It was added that we want the sellers to be out selling but 40% of sellers’ time is spent on administrative tasks.

LinkedIn continues to explore and expand the capabilities of Sales Navigator on a regular basis with updates so that its users can better view and track relevant, meaningful, and engaging content with their communities. These innovative capabilities also help users receive alerts in real time for potential people in a targeted organization that may be potential influencers based on their activities.

Undoubtedly, the CRM Sync capability is a big step. Now comes the big question – will LinkedIn ever replace the current CRM system of an enterprise? Well, that seems unlikely in the near future. Instead, entreprenuers and others who want better LinkedIn integration with their CRM system should emphasize on certain things:

  1. If you need the integration, you will need either Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.
  2. If you want integration, you have to pay to play. The CRM integration will work only if you have LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator that runs about $65 to $135 per month. It is dependent on whether you buy it individually or for a team and commit to an annual purchase.

In another development, LinkedIn is informing all potential candidates to opt for an option of virtual interviews via BlueJeans video conference or cancel their current schedule and hold off on rescheduling until coming onsite is possible.

The professional networking provider also announced that it will be following Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat by adding its own stories feature.

Pete Davies, head of content products at LinkedIn, said we’re never done meeting our members where their voices are. Davies added stories spread for a good reason: they offer a lightweight, fun way to share an update without it having to be perfect or attached to your profile forever. The head of content products at LinkedIn also remarked that stories would be an appropriate fit for LinkedIn since many interactions at work are lighthearted in nature.

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