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NAB Embeds Analytics Directly Into Salesforce CRM

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National Australia Bank (NAB) has embedded analytics directly into the Salesforce CRM environment used by its sales and other internal staff with a vision to nurture the relationships with mortgage and finance brokers under its purview.

CRM enablement manager Shannon Berk said NAB is leveraging the Einstein Analytics product of Salesforce to assist salespeople to find out how best to invest their time and to help leaders comprehend the performance of the broker business.

Broker partnerships are the part of NAB that manages and fosters relationships with finance and mortgage brokers across Australia. Berk added we do this across a number of different distribution channels and added that NAB provides access to NAB-branded products, be they residential or commercial finance loans. It was further commented by Berk that there is NAB’s white-label lending business through Advantedge and three aggregator businesses –  PLAN, Choice, and FAST, which provide support services to mortgage brokers on managing their businesses day-to-day.

Over the last few years, a majority of attention has been directed to the “reimagining” of the Salesforce-based CRM system – known as NAB Podium – that is offered to mortgage brokers through PLAN, Choice, and FAST. The National Australia Bank utilized the Salesforce World Tour event for illustrating a different side of CRM in the broker partnerships business: instances that support its own staff.

Berk commented that we have Salesforce as our CRM for that business and noted that the bank operated broker partnerships across two Sales Cloud “orgs” or instances. It was also remarked by Berk that we have approximately 500 users across those tools in everything from frontline sales through to our operations and service businesses, and of course our leadership team within broker partnerships.

The National Australia Bank started by seeking out a compelling use case to support the business investing in it on an ongoing basis so that we could deliver analytics and insights to our users as easily as possible. Berk said the start point for us was to really build out a proof of concept that Einstein Analytics could actually help us solve some of our key challenges of putting analytics into the hands of our sales teams and helping them drive better outcomes with their [broker] customers.

AB delivered a consolidated performance dashboard for its leadership team through the accelerator. Berk added we were able to consolidate data from the two orgs using Einstein Analytics, bringing together a number of different objects from each of those orgs as well, which took us far beyond anything we could have done with any of the standard out-of-the-box dashboards and reports available in Salesforce

Berk further added that we’ve been able to now expand our usage of insights and dashboards to not only some really basic, simple tools that really were a no brainer for us to start with, to provide some more advanced analytics that helps our sales leaders better coach their sales teams to deliver the right outcomes for our broker customers.

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