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NZ Cloud Computing Market To Grow By 20 Percent

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According to new research from Salesforce, the size of the cloud computing market in New Zealand could more than double in the next four years.

Conducted by IDC, the research said 37,500 jobs in New Zealand among partners and customers could be created by Salesforce and its ecosystem over the same period

The Salesforce Economy in New Zealand: 37,500 Jobs, $2.3 Billion in New Business Revenue from 2018 to 2024 report estimates spending on public cloud software is likely to increase to approximately US$1.3 billion in 2024, up from a predicted $675 million in 2020. The use of cloud computing by Salesforce customers will add a net US$2.3 billion in new business revenue to the local economy over the same period.

It is predicted by Salesforce that cloud computing will account for 16.4 percent of all technology spending by 2024 in New Zealand. It was found by the report that Salesforce and its ecosystem are expected to enable the creation of 37,500 direct jobs in New Zealand amongst Salesforce customers.

The Salesforce ecosystem was 4.5 times larger than Salesforce itself in New Zealand in 2019 as organizations that spend on cloud computing subscriptions also spend on ancillary products and services. It is expected to be 6.6x as big by 2024.

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant more things need to be done digitally as customers shift more of their activity online and employees do more of their work from home,” says Craig Skinner, managing director at Salesforce New Zealand.

Companies need to be equipped with the cloud tools that let teams collaborate from anywhere, sell from anywhere and service customers from anywhere.” he says. 

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