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Quick Start Tools Launched by Salesforce Commerce Cloud

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Have you ever come across time like this pandemic before where certain businesses are outgrowing on one hand, and certain businesses are going bankrupt? What if everyone thought of giving a pause? 

Indeed, the novel coronavirus outbreak has put an existential crisis on businesses today. On the other hand, the audacity to still have faith and work for the community is the perfect example given by Salesforce Commerce Cloud, by developing four QuickStart business packs during the pandemic.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud, earlier known as Demandware, is a prominent Cloud-based eCommerce platform that enables customers to prevail with easy and handy experience via online shopping on any device built to equip B2C and B2B companies with the ability to rapidly start selling online, go directly to the customer (D2C), and scale up during unforeseen demand spikes.

  • It is one of the leading world technologies. 
  • It works with Artificial Intelligence and provides recommendations by Salesforce. 

Mike Micucci, the CEO of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, became aware of the everyday hurdles faced by the customers during the pandemic and hence, started a quick – start a business pack of four services to enhance customer – retailer relationships. 

Salesforce Quick Start Commerce Solutions consists of four tools:

  1. Quick Start Commerce for D2C Consumer & Essential Goods that enables the path for eCommerce where consumers can buy essential goods directly when other platforms went down during the pandemic. 

  2. Quick Start Commerce for Grocery & Food Service accelerates the business of food & grocery & restaurants from quick to curb to provide services to consumers by creating sites where they can buy online & pickup curbside. This also fulfills tax, digital payments, and other services.

  3. Quick Start Commerce for B2B helps companies quickly introduce B2B Trade Shops that allow buyers to easily locate and order goods, and open new revenue opportunities with easy reordering that enables buyers to reorder products in just a few clicks.

  4. Quick Start Commerce for Buy Online and Curbside Pickup is a full curbside solution that lets brands move goods easily from online in-store inventories and sell directly to consumers.

As quoted by Micucci, businesses today have gone down to an extensive level during this lockdown period of weeks & weeks & with each passing day, problems for customers were increasing. So, Micucci thought of coming up with a plan of building four – quick-start services within weeks, not months.

This was not just the hard work and intelligence of the CEO, but other partners as well who helped in the integration process as Micucci thought site management should be left to system integrators (SIs) rather than customers at least for the first three months. 

Initially, it was a success with increasing sales & profit but later after one month the customers started complaining regarding the site management so they had to pull off to the office. They tried quick beta testing, but what they realized was that people can work even in crisis and what essentially required during such times is speed over perfection. 

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