Salesforce And FedEx Announce Strategic Partnership

Salesforce And FedEx Announce Strategic Partnership

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Salesforce, the CRM giant, has entered into a multi-year partnership to help retailers grow their digital sales and improve supply chain operations to meet customers’ increasing expectations for eCommerce.

This new partnership integrates the Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Salesforce Order Management with features from FedEx and ShopRunner, its e-commerce platforms, and subsidiaries.  Starting in the spring of 2022, the two companies will offer different joint solutions and are expected to be available to U.S. customers shortly.

The combination of Salesforce Commerce Cloud with ShopRunner and FedEx will transform the way brands, and retailers control the eCommerce journey from advertising to purchase to shipping and returns – and provide a fast and easy end-to-end experience. 

With Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud, Salesforce’s order management, and Einstein’s AI technology, companies can quickly innovate, automate processes, and stimulate demand with personalized digital marketing experiences. Organizations can also optimize and extend post-purchase journeys with FedEx Insights based on ShopRunner’s data, supply chain, broad delivery network, and eCommerce capabilities.

Through this partnership, companies can leverage intelligent supply chains and next-generation performance capabilities to streamline their eCommerce operations. With an integrated platform to self-manage some of the most critical areas of their business, companies can consolidate the customer journey to increase conversions in their channels, which can help reduce dependence on third-party vendors and save time and money.


Claude Russ, COO of FedEx Dataworks and CEO of ShopRunner, remarked, “Brands and merchants have to move quicker than ever to meet their customers’ expectations. With the combined power of Salesforce and FedEx, we will provide them the speed, control and economics they need to help them exceed those expectations. From optimizing their inventory management and fulfillment operations, to faster delivery and attracting new buyers, together we’re helping change the game so brands and merchants can have greater control over the links of their supply chain and increase their competitiveness.”


Lidiane Jones, EVP & GM, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, stated, “We are in a world of commerce anytime and anywhere. Commerce Cloud and Order Management let companies sell wherever their  customers shop and fulfill on any channel. Pairing that with FedEx’s logistics capabilities lets us deliver an even faster, easier, and cost-efficient experience for our customers. Now, retailers can better meet shoppers’ two-day shipping expectations without accumulating extensive costs, or sacrificing their time or brand.”


The partnership will benefit customers by providing them with two-day shipping options, unlimited returns, and detailed information about the exact delivery time and date.

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