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Salesforce And Okta Enter Into Partnership To Strengthen Trust With

Salesforce And Okta Enter Into Partnership To Strengthen Trust With

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Okta, Inc., the world’s leading independent provider of on-demand identity, and Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, have announced a new, strategic partnership and integration between Okta Identity Cloud and Salesforce to help organizations and communities build customer trust and improve employee engagement.

This strategic partnership will combine critical employee data with contact-tracing technology and expand Salesforce’s efforts to develop robust software for businesses dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

The partnership will assist customers in using data and information in Okta’s systems so employees can get started right away with Salesforce’s tools focused on helping businesses navigate COVID-19. Employees can also use Okta technology to log in with one click securely.

To foster trust and sustainability of its customers, Okta will integrate Okta Identity Cloud, its independent and neutral platform, with Salesforce, a suite of Salesforce solutions and resources designed to help businesses and organizations around the world reopen safely that includes shift management, manual contact tracing, emergency response management, and more.

The Okta Identity Cloud supports leaders across HR, Workplace, and IT organizations to quickly and securely deploy It provides security and protection for these solutions irrespective of their location.

Todd McKinnon, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder at Okta commented: “Okta is the identity company that stands for trust, and that has taken on new weight during the pandemic. We’ve helped organizations move to remote work and keep their people employed and productive, even when they can’t be in an office. We’re also giving organizations the solutions and tools to build secure, seamless customer experiences, empowering them to generate revenue still, and drive growth. We take our responsibility as a business enabler seriously, and so does Salesforce. We look forward to partnering closely to provide our customers with secure, delightful experiences so they can safely and effectively engage with their communities, now and into the future.” 

Sarah Franklin, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Platform, Trailhead and AppExchange, Salesforce said: “The new normal demands a new way to work, and as technology companies, it’s our job to reduce as much friction as possible for companies so they can treat their employees like valued customers. We’re excited for Okta to integrate with to make reopening even easier for our customers and help them with long-term business resilience and continuity. Together, we’ll increase IT productivity and provide employees with a seamless experience.”  

By combining Okta’s identity management with Salesforce solutions, the two companies will help organizations provide secure, automated, and seamless customer experience. This partnership is intended to offer customers the ability to:

Personalize the end-user experience to increase productivity: Using an existing identity provider or corporate directory such as Active Directory, Salesforce customers can enable employees to log in to with a single click. 

Improve assessment times and security via automated provisioning: With Okta Lifecycle Management, IT administrators can sync data from HR systems, such as Workday, to to automatically create users in and help companies quickly and safely deploy

Secure sensitive data with tighter controls: With the integration between Okta Identity Cloud and, IT teams can quickly provision and deprovision users, establish fine-grained controls for permissions, and implement multi-factor authentication for specific users or groups with potential access to invaluable data in while keeping your organization safe and protected.

Organizations like CarMax that use the Okta Identity Cloud and the Salesforce platform to deliver a seamless experience to their employees will benefit from the expanded partnership.

Shamim Mohammad, Senior Vice President and Chief Information and Technology Officer, CarMax, remarked: “As the nation’s largest retailer of used cars, we’ve revolutionized car buying by giving our customers honest, high integrity and transparent experience that’s truly on their terms. We expect the same from our technology providers, and Okta and Salesforce are trusted partners. We leverage both the Okta Identity Cloud and the Salesforce platform to deliver a personalized, secure customer experience. Salesforce is foundational for all of CarMax’s customer interactions. It provides a 360-degree view of our customers to integrate our store and online experiences seamlessly, and Okta is the secure entry point for any customer engagement with CarMax. We look forward to seeing how they’ll work together to drive further innovations in customer experience.”

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