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Salesforce Announces Innovations For Uncertain Times

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Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM provider, has announced three new Salesforce Marketing Cloud innovations that are designed to support enterprise marketing teams working remotely.

Adam Blitzer, co-founder of Pardot, and now GM and EVP for the Marketing, Commerce, and Community Clouds, defines the present moment based on three crises:  a pandemic, an economic turndown, and systemic racism.

In response, Salesforce has formed a Racial Equality and Justice task force led by its Equality, Recruiting Philanthropy, Procurement, and Government Affairs teams. Salesforce’s latest product announcements focus on supporting Salesforce customers.

Humanize Digital Interactions: Interaction Studio is Now Powered by Einstein

Marketing Cloud’s Interaction Studio analyzes how customers interact with your business through channels, and implements AI and machine learning to make real-time and effective decisions about what to show or say to a customer when they visit your website, open an email, use your mobile app, talk to a call center agent, and more.

Engage Customers with Empathy: With the new Pardot Premium, B2B marketers can improve their team collaboration

Salesforce Pardot brings together marketing, sales, and service teams to better understand the customer and market sentiment for empowering companies to anticipate their customers’ needs and seamlessly coordinate engagement across various channels. With Pardot Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies, the sales and marketing teams can focus on being relevant to specific customers or accounts

Optimize Budgets & Impact: New Datorama Integration with Tableau Connects Marketing and Enterprise Data for Enhanced Analytics

By leveraging Datorama, marketers can centralize and unify all of their marketing performance data. Moreover, the new Datorama integration with Tableau can benefit marketers in effectively managing and scaling analytics throughout their organizations and examining their data in every possible way.

Anna Cole, Director of D2C Global Digital Platforms at Carhartt, said: “At Carhartt, we’ve built a legacy of developing strong relationships with our consumers. Our collaboration with Salesforce has allowed us to understand our consumers better and deliver an exceptional experience. In light of COVID-19, the data we saw through Salesforce helped reinforce our decision to adjust our digital engagement strategy and focus on customer storytelling.”

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