Salesforce Announces New Sales Cloud Features For Digital Channels

Salesforce Announces New Sales Cloud Features For Digital Channels

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CRM giant Salesforce has announced a wide range of new Sales Cloud features to provide customers with AI-powered insights and self-service options. The new features are designed to allow companies to complete the entire sales process, from marketing and sales to billing within the Salesforce platform.

As in-person meetings transitioned to virtual channels in the post-pandemic world of work, sales leaders need a digital HQ to close deals faster and build high-performing sales teams. As a result, the new Sales Cloud innovations will keep salespeople and management connected across multiple locations. 

Moreover, Slack and Salesforce Sales Cloud will work together to bridge the gap between salespeople and management. It will also help deal with significant sales deals that need increased contact between sales teams and the customer’s purchasing team.

Revenue Intelligence is a new feature designed to provide sales leaders with detailed insights throughout the entire sales and revenue cycle. With the integration of Revenue Intelligence to Sales Cloud, Einstein, and Tableau capabilities into a unified revenue management command center, customers can close deals faster, meet sales goals, and use pre-built analytics to drive forecast accuracy with actionable insights. 

The second new feature is Sales Enablement that enables a smooth onboarding, training, and development of sales reps to create engaged teams and attract & retain strong talent. Directly embedded within the Salesforce Sales Cloud, the enablement feature helps to build high-performing sales teams quickly.

Salesforce has also unveiled Subscription Management for Revenue Cloud to assist companies in delivering a personalized customer experience built on the Salesforce Customer 360 platform. It empowers customers to manage subscriptions from any self-service channel of their choice.

Bill Patterson, the EVP & GM of CRM Applications at Salesforce, exclaimed: “Salesforce is at the forefront of evolving sales playbooks to meet the needs of customers in the digital-first, work anywhere world. Continued Sales Cloud innovation has made it a leader in its category for more than a decade, empowering sales teams to achieve success no matter the selling landscape.

Salesforce Sales Cloud, entirely built on the Salesforce Customer 360, is a sales platform that helps companies boost their business growth. And with the introduction of these new Sales Cloud features such as Revenue Intelligence, Sales Enablement, and Subscription Management features, companies would be able to sell smarter, faster, and increase sales revenue.

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