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Salesforce Announces Several New Developer Tools For Building Apps

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Salesforce has announced three innovative tools designed to streamline the process for developers and provide them with new features to build custom applications and deploy them to the Salesforce platform. These new tools give developers a more modern way to build scalable and robust applications on top of the Salesforce platform.

The company has also introduced Einstein’s recommendations for Trailhead that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create seamless self-service training platforms connected to the Salesforce Org.

The three developer tools are Salesforce Functions, Code Builder, and DevOps Center.

Salesforce Functions – Salesforce Functions is a set of non-server features that allows developers to build serverless applications on the top of Salesforce.

These features allow developers to write code that integrates with their data and events on the Salesforce platform and then operates seamlessly in a serverless environment. 

The development team can focus on deploying applications and business logic quickly rather than managing infrastructure. To accelerate application development, developers have the flexibility to innovate and design using built-in open-source languages such as node.js and Java, while taking full advantage of Salesforce’s proprietary Apex programming language low-code tools like Flow.

Code Builder – Built on Microsoft’s Visual Studio code space, Code Builder is a web-based development environment optimized for Salesforce Org.

Code Builder is designed to empower the Salesforce development ecosystem to be more productive and stable by building applications the way they want and where they want with modern tools and less time-consuming configuration tasks. 

Instead of forcing developers to switch between several tools during the development process, Code builder unifies all the necessary tools and provides access to various productivity tools such as code completion, powerful debuggers, and integrated source control. 

Code Builder provides instant access to tools to optimize the creation of applications, such as Salesforce extensions for Visual Studio Code and Salesforce CLI, as well as functions to boost the effectiveness of low-code builders such as declarative SOQL Query Builder.

DevOps Center – DevOps Center is an easy-to-use release management console that allows you to manage application development progress through the development phase to launch on Salesforce. It brings admins and developers into DevOps processes to build against source control, work more efficiently with programmatic developers, release apps faster using modern DevOps workflows, including continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD).

Wade Wegner, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Salesforce, said: “Code Builder is a must-have developer tool for anyone building on the Salesforce Platform. With Code Builder, Salesforce developers get the best of both worlds — a web-based environment for developing wherever they are and all the productivity-boosting tools that make building apps on the Salesforce Platform faster and easier.”

Amanda Silver, CVP at Microsoft, commented: “Today, developers’ tools are more integral to a developer’s world than ever. At Microsoft, we aim to deliver products and platforms that enable developers to deliver more. We’re glad that Salesforce chose to build on our embeddable Visual Studio Codespaces offering to empower their users with the most productive developer tools.”

Code Builder and Salesforce Functions are both available in the beta version, and DevOps Center will be generally available in development preview later on.

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