Salesforce Announces to Help Businesses and Public Agencies Reopen Safely

Salesforce Announces to Help Businesses and Public Agencies Reopen Safely

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Salesforce, the world’s #1 Customer Relationship Management, has announced, new and innovative technology solutions and resources to help businesses and community leaders throughout the world reopen the workplace as quickly as possible, re-skill employees and respond effectively while maintaining employee safety. offers new solutions to accelerate private and public sector response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including an employee wellness assessment, shift management, contact tracing, emergency response management and grants and volunteer management. The Command Center integrates all data streams in one place so that businesses and communities can make more informed and accurate decisions.

Furthermore, combines the full potential of health professionals, business executives, and the Salesforce ecosystem in a resource center informed by the Business Roundtable and the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) with invaluable insights from business, health, and government leaders.

Bret Taylor, President and Chief Operating Officer at Salesforce commented, “Every company and community in the world is focusing on how to safely reopen and get to a new normal.” He added, “With, we’re bringing together powerful new technology, our partners, and network of experts to help organizations reopen and recover from this crisis while putting employee and visitor health and safety first.

Earlier, Salesforce has launched Salesforce Care to help its customers and communities to stabilize during the initial response to the COVID-19 pandemic Salesforce Care is a suite of solutions free for 90-days designed to guide and help businesses stay in touch with employees and customers with real-time data.

To help its customers deal with the next phase of the global Coronavirus pandemic, Salesforce has released a set of new innovative tools called to help businesses and public agencies track all the data and information they need to reopen their workplaces and keep them safe and informed during the coronavirus crisis and beyond.

Key features of

  1. Command Center – This includes various applications for gathering and tracking employee health and feedback, tools for keeping tabs on public data, and local regulations. All the data can be tracked and measured in a command center that will help leaders to make data-driven decisions and communicate effectively. 
  1. Contact Tracing – It allows public and private sector managers to manually trace health and relationship contacts in a seamless manner, by collecting data from individuals who are infected or potentially at risk of communicable diseases and creating visual maps of contacts and locations to monitor potential interactions and outbreak.
  1. Employee Wellness-It empowers managers to collect the data needed to monitor and analyze the health and well-being of employees and visitors.
  1. myTrailhead for Employees – This includes out-of-the-box training, learning, and wellness programs on Trailhead, the free, online learning platform from Salesforce, that allows employees to learn new skills and effective ways of working and adhere to new safety precautions. 

All of the above-mentioned products will be generally available in June, with different services priced as separate add-ons for existing Salesforce subscriptions.

Building these apps was a huge effort, and Salesforce has repurposed hundreds of its employees to focus solely on this initiative”, Taylor said. He further added, “We’re having the same challenges as every other company and responding to this crisis. But I also think it’s really amplified our values”.

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