Salesforce Bets on CIM and Serverless

Salesforce Bets on CIM and Serverless

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At this year’s Dreamforce 2019 event, Salesforce launched Salesforce Evergreen, a Kubernetes-based serverless environment that runs inside the Salesforce CRM platform. With Evergreen, Salesforce extended its platform capabilities by delivering a reliable way to build rich and engaging digital experiences for customers, partners, and employees.

Salesforce Evergreen is the newest addition to the Customer 360 Platform that uses serverless functions based on fully-managed Kubernetes, support for open programming languages, and high-performance data stores.

Evergreen supports technologies and architectural models that enable development teams to deal with the workload faster and be more productive at work. This means developers would now be able to utilize functions written in the proprietary Apex programming language and created in open-source languages such as Node.js and Java.

With the inception of Evergreen, the code can run as serverless functions and microservices in Evergreen, facilitated by full native access to Salesforce data and functions.

Evergreen functions can be called from platform events, from Apex, Lightning Web components, and even from the no-code Flow Builder. Developers would now be able to choose a custom programming language and the development model as per their choice.

Evergreen provides a framework for bringing together the original platform concept and a tradition of supporting low-code development along with the latest Heroku development methods.

The introduction of the new Customer Information Model (CIM) is an important step in simplifying integration between different applications. MuleSoft plays an important role in creating models using an open standard modeling language called Anything Modeling Language (AML).

As CIM brings up data interoperability and Evergreen creates a more open functional landscape, Salesforce expands its proprietary platforms to deliver a rich and personalized experience.

In the near future, digital teamwork tools would play an increasingly important role in managing work across organizations, with some workers able to request access applications and teamwork tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams.

It is worthwhile to note here that a recent update to Quip had facilitated the integration to Salesforce’s point-and-click workflow automation tools so that better collaboration could happen inside Salesforce.

Evergreen is another important change that brings the ability to develop in popular open-source languages directly inside the Salesforce platform. It also removes barriers between different development environments so that one can create workflows in point-and-click tools to call functions developed in Node.js or Java, or to create applications created in the Lightning or Apex. This will simplify the creation of custom applications and workflows for Salesforce developers and administrators.

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