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Salesforce Health Cloud Rolls Out New Features

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Salesforce Health Cloud dropped a bunch of new technologies. The new features include hospitality management, remote patient health monitoring, scheduling appointment, and more. With its robust API structure and backend EHR system integration, Salesforce Health Cloud helps providers to get a full view of the patient with integrated data from electronic medical records (EMRs), wearables, and more.

What is New?

Like Work-from-anywhere has changed the way of working during the Pandemic, keeping the trend, Salesforce introduced the “Care from Anywhere” feature. The new tools will help streamline operations, attain better health effects, and meet patients virtually & physically. 

They have introduced a tool named “Remote Patient Exception Monitoring”, developed to allow the remote collection of patient health data, such as early symptoms, without bringing the patients into the clinic. It aids health providers in setting target metrics for different patients to connect with them from a single dashboard. 

Salesforce’s Intelligent Appointment Management is to allow patients to schedule appointments on their devices, whether Mobile or Laptop. With the call center option, the scheduler can book available appointment slots in real-time for patients. To streamline the check-in process for patients, it can also send pre-visit questionnaires.

Its medication-management tool delivers a compact list of patient medications for pharmacists, clinicians, and other suppliers to manage.

According to Company, Using Salesforce Maps can help home patient-care providers schedule their visits, manage their schedules, and examine patient data. 

What does Salesforce have to say?

On dropping the new features, Kevin Riley, VP, and general manager of healthcare and life sciences at Salesforce, said, “For years, the healthcare system has struggled to catch up with the innovation we saw across other industries. But the Pandemic forced us to accelerate digital transformation and provide the healthcare system with digital-first and always-on patient-focused solutions.”


During the Pandemic, the Healthcare department faced many challenges in caring for the patients. With remote access, it will be much easier to supply medication & care to the patients sitting in their homes. Concerning these facts, It can be such a great initiative in the field of the Healthcare Industry. 

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