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Salesforce Integrates Einstein Analytics AI To Tableau platform

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Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, is stepping up its efforts to integrate Tableau Platform and Einstein Analytics, which will be renamed Tableau CRM, to deliver the best data analytics platform out there.

As part of the plan, Tableau CRM will provide integrated analytics and AI experience within Salesforce’s CRM workflow and be an essential part of Salesforce Customer 360.

Salesforce acquired Tableau, the leader in visual analytics, in June 2019 for $ 15.7 billion. Since then, Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff has stated that analytics software providers were a key purchase that expands its overall addressable market. Salesforce said that revenue gained from the Tableau platform and other platforms in the second quarter was up 66%, with Tableau contributing 41% of that growth. 

Tableau’s market is self-service analytics operates across sales, marketing, development, and more while Einstein Analytics is integrated with Salesforce CRM to provide recommendations and predict results & outcomes.

Adam Selipsky, President and CEO of Tableau, said that the development and product teams from both sides came together earlier this year to combine roadmaps and create integrations.

The goal of this step is to make Tableau the Salesforce analytics brand and to integrate all of Einstein Analytics’ advanced analytical capabilities, including predictive and prescriptive analytics, into the overall Tableau offerings such as:

  • Tableau Desktop for visual analytics
  • Tableau Prep for visual data preparation
  • Tableau Server for self-managed analytics platform
  • Tableau Online for analytics platform as a service
  • Tableau CRM for native Salesforce analytics

Francois Ajenstat, the Chief Product Officer at Tableau, said that the integration would be completed in several stages. The most obvious benefit of the integration will be Einstein Discovery Capabilities in Tableau, expected in early 2021. 

Einstein Discovery in Tableau will enable real-time predictive modeling and recommendations capabilities across the Tableau platform.

Doug Henschen, vice president and principal analyst at Constellation Research, said: “The integration of Einstein Discovery promises to accelerate Tableau’s move into machine-augmented analytics capabilities without requiring new skills or diminishing self-service for ordinary business users.

Tableau’s 2021 Roadmap

The integration of Tableau and Einstein Analytics will begin in early 2021. By combining the best features of Tableau and Einstein Analytics, the business users will automatically find relevant data patterns without building sophisticated data models or a team of data scientists. 

Tableau announced that it would maintain and expand the functionality of Einstein Analytics with plans to innovate and unify in the future.

The future roadmap includes:

  1. Integrating Tableau to Einstein Analytics data store to optimize performance and Salesforce security Integration.
  2. Data preparation functionalities to read and write to both Tableau and Einstein Analytics to ensure clean and trusted data.
  3. Content portability between Tableau and Einstein Analytics to streamline the process of dashboard creation.

Francois Ajenstat, Tableau Chief Product Officer, said that the company’s future alignment plan is to help customers deliver analytics to anyone, anywhere with any data.

Francois Ajenstat further added, “Over the last eight or nine months with COVID, the digital transformation process has accelerated significantly by our customers. And every one of those digital transformations is data transformations. Every one of those engagements that customers have with their customers is generating more data. And all of that data becomes accessible to be harvested and analyzed and put into action.

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