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Salesforce Introduces GPT-Powered Features For Sales And Service

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Recently, Salesforce announced general availability and pricing for Service GPT, Sales GPT, and Einstein GPT Trust Layer, enabling generative AI designed for enterprise security standards to transform productivity and personalize customer interactions.

The Sales GPT supports AI-generated, personalized customer emails based on contextual customer data stored in Salesforce, and the Service GPT empowers users to auto-generate personalized responses and summarize customer interactions.

Using Einstein GPT Trust Layer, Salesforce prevents third-party LLM providers from storing and training customer data outside Salesforce. 

A limited number of Einstein GPT credits are included in Sales and Service Cloud Einstein, which cost $50/user/month each.

A study conducted by Generative AI Canada found that 68% of workers said the technology would improve customer service, and the workers estimated they would be able to save five hours a week on average.

Although 73% of employees believe that generative AI introduces new security risks, organizations should leverage generative AI technologies that are built with trust in mind. 

With Einstein GPT, Salesforce’s generative AI capabilities are embedded across all Salesforce products. By utilizing Einstein GPT’s Trust Layer, organizations can enhance productivity and engage with customers in personalized ways without compromising security or compliance.

“Salesforce’s generative AI features, which take an open ecosystem approach and are powered by real-time, proprietary data, are empowering every organization to tap into the productivity and efficiency benefits of AI while ensuring enterprise-grade trust and data security remain at the center.” – Clara Shih, CEO Of Salesforce AI

The available features in Service GPT, Sales GPT, and Einstein GPT Trust Layer are –

  • Service GPT: Service Replies and Work Summaries.
  • Sales GPT: Sales Emails.
  • Einstein GPT: Zero Data Retention, Encrypted Communications, Data Access Checks, Feedback Store, and Audit Trail.

Enterprise Expansion packs can be purchased by customers as their sales and service teams grow. Only customers who have purchased Unlimited Edition, including Einstein, will have access to GPT capabilities.

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