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Salesforce Introduces Salesforce Learning Paths – The Employee Upskilling Toolkit For Businesses

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Salesforce has announced Salesforce Learning Paths that provide employees with flexible and personalized learning content directly within the Salesforce platform.


As per a survey conducted by Salesforce, approximately 59 percent of employees could not access workplace learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. Salesforce Learning Paths could lead to a success factor for both employees and employers as it helps employees succeed from anywhere.


The Salesforce Learning Path is intended to fill learning gaps with customized learning content delivered through Salesforce. This innovative addition will enable employees to work and learn quickly in the tedious work environment with access to various platforms such as Trailhead, myTrailhead, and external learning resources – including bite-sized videos, how-to guides with articles, and gamified quizzes.


With the Salesforce Learning Path, companies can integrate this learning technology directly into Salesforce so employees can practice on-the-job learning while connecting with their customers across sales, service, marketing, and marketing.


Manages and business leaders can tailor training courses according to their individuality, role, team, or entire organization, thereby helping employees achieve their development goals, and organizations can gain workforce expertise.


Additionally, with the help of the new Salesforce Learning Home, employees can take control of their career development. In the Salesforce Learning home, they can review assignments, track their regular progress, and explore new learning paths for building skills and enhancing knowledge.

The Salesforce Learning Path enables companies to:

1. Learn directly from Salesforce: It includes training content relevant to the context of employee’s work.

2. Customize learning: Modify and deliver content for specific people, roles, teams or entire organizations

3. Promote and analyze engagement: Engage employees in games, assignments, and ratings that analyze learning progress in real-time.

By this summer end when MyTrailhead customers have the ability of custom content integration with Salesforce, Salesforce Learning Paths will be free to access and generally available, including all Sales, Service, Industries, and Platform user licenses.

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