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Salesforce Introduces Trailhead For Slack

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Dreamforce is one of the biggest Salesforce conferences, which takes place in San Francisco every year and brings together the entire Salesforce community to collaborate and share their vision to make a better world.

Salesforce Dreamforce 2021 took place from 21 to 23 September. The entire conference went digital this year; a few attendees as a host were allowed to be a part of the event, and the rest were allowed to join the event virtually via Salesforce+, a brand-new online streaming platform.

In Dreamforce 2021, Salesforce introduced new capabilities that integrate Slack across various Salesforce products, including Trailhead for Slack, to boost collaboration across organizational borders and empower teams to embrace asynchronous working. 

The Trailhead for Slack enables personalized learning right within Slack. Professionals can work and study in a single environment in Slack with the new Trailhead for Slack app, and AI-powered recommendations help employees meet their development goals, and companies create workforce expertise for the future. 

Trailhead for Slack features that will be available both on mobile and desktop include:

Trailhead Search Slash Command:

Learners may use a simple slash command to search, share, and mark favorite Trailhead and my Trailhead content to improve their workflow.

Recommended Learning:

Trailblazers can discover new skills with Einstein-powered tailored content recommendations straight in the Home Tab.

Home Tab:

Individuals can see their Trailblazer rank, favorite content, in progress, recommended, and assigned learning at a glance.

It’s never been more critical to equip Trailblazers with the tools they need to succeed from anywhere. With the launch of Trailhead for Slack, Individual learners, Trailblazer Community members, and my Trailhead customers can all obtain the learning they need to skill up directly in their Digital HQ.

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