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Salesforce Launches AppExchange Chat and Trusted Reviews

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Salesforce has introduced Trusted Reviews and AppExchange Chat to improve the overall cloud computing marketplace experience. The new features added to Salesforce AppExchange made it easier for customers to connect with partners directly and make faster & smarter business decisions. The company also aims to provide reviewers with a set of ecosystem statuses to show their level of “expertise.”

Woodson Martin, GM of Salesforce AppExchange, said, “Customer expectations for service have changed in our post-pandemic world—and AppExchange is innovating to meet these expectations by enabling customers to connect directly, in real-time, with partners. In addition, with Trusted Reviews, customers can be more confident in their AppExchange install decisions.”

The latest Salesforce AppExchange Chat feature, developed in partnership with ISV Qualified, allows partners to introduce Chat functionality to their AppExchange listings, allowing customers to:

  • Chat with real partner professionals and get answers to their problems without leaving a partner’s AppExchange listing.
  • Use the information to make better-informed real-time business decisions.
AppExchange Chat

Source: Salesforce

ISV and consulting partners who want to include Chat features in their listings can use AppExchange Chat.

With the AppExchange Chat collection page, customers can quickly access partner-built solutions enabled with Chat functionality. According to the announcement, it currently includes more than 25 apps and consultant listings from chat pilot partners such as Qualified, Natterbox, 360 Degree Cloud Technologies, OwnBackup, Copado, and Conga. These listings comprise ready-to-install solutions covering five categories: collaboration, productivity; customer communication; data management and analytics; and finance and accounting.

AppExchange Trusted Reviews

With the help of AppExchange Trusted Review, customers could pick the right solution for specific business needs. However, it can be tricky, especially with thousands of apps and consultant listings available. Also, AppExchange Trusted Reviews could also help customers choose solutions with confidence by displaying a reviewer’s ecosystem status, indicating their Salesforce expertise. 

AppExchange Chat

Source: WhatsApp

Salesforce MVP, Trailhead Ranger, and Top Reviewer are three levels of Salesforce expertise in the Trusted Reviews ecosystem. According to Salesforce, its MVPs are “community members who Salesforce has officially recognized for their expertise and leadership.” 

Salesforce AppExchange always connects customers and partners on a single platform and thus enables digital transformation for companies across different industries. With the addition of AppExchange Chat and Trusted Reviews, the tech giant has redesigned the AppExchange customer experience that brings customers and partners closer together.

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