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Salesforce Launches Digital 360 for Industries To Deliver Digital Experiences Fast

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Salesforce has introduced Digital 360 for Industries, designed to help companies deliver a better, fast digital experience through industry-based applications, developer tools, portals, and innovative practices. Digital 360 for Industries enables companies to seamlessly and quickly build eCommerce storefronts, web pages, and portals interlinked with Salesforce Industry Clouds.

With Digital 360 for Industries, Salesforce has extended its reach into particular vertical industries to make it easy for companies to boost their digital business transformation operations. Moreover, it will enable them to overcome business challenges that include data capture, systems integration, and compliance needs.

Digital 360 for Industries comprises of:

Digital 360 for Industries Templates: Pre-built templates that consist of “page designs, pre-built portals, and integrations with other tools and technologies.

Digital 360 for Industries Developer Toolkits: Offered by Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud Developer Center, “code tests, application tests, documentation links, and best practice information.” 

Customer 360 Guides: Customer 360 Guides, known as the Industry-based training modules, are offered by Salesforce Trailhead, the online learning platform. It includes three modules: Customer 360 Guide for Retail, Customer 360 Guide for Discrete Manufacturing, and Customer 360 Guide for Retail banking.

Digital 360 for Industries incorporates new offerings for seven industry verticals: 

Digital 360 for Consumer Goods: Includes a Commerce Cloud Grocery Toolkit, Picker App, and Timeslot Manager App to enable grocers and store associates to seamlessly interact and go direct-to-consumer.

Digital 360 for Financial Services: Experience Cloud Apps for Insurance Policyholders and Independent Agents and Commerce Cloud Insurance Apps and Toolkits designed to empower financial services companies to shop easily for insurance

Digital 360 for Healthcare: Pre-assembled Patient Journeys powered by Salesforce Marketing Cloud is designed to help providers deliver personalized marketing journeys for different patient groups.

Digital 360 for Communications and Media: Commerce Cloud Toolkit for Salesforce Communications and Media Clouds empowers the users to manage complex bundle rules and changes to subscription plans effectively.

Digital 360 for Public Sector: Experience Cloud App enables public sector companies to digitize the licensing and permitting application, review, and approvals lifecycle.

Digital 360 for Emergency Response Management: Experience Cloud App for Emergency Response Management enables organizations to manage public emergencies quickly and build a single hub that provides access to emergency data and information.

Digital 360 for Nonprofit: Nonprofit Fundraising App enables nonprofit organizations to deliver a streamlined and personalized digital donor experience.

Shannon Duffy, EVP, Marketing, Salesforce Digital 360, explained in a blog post, “Every company needs to become digital-first, no matter the industry,” EVP, Marketing, Salesforce Digital 360. With Digital 360 for Industries, we’re expanding our leading digital and industry offerings to deliver precisely what our customers need – a flexible technology platform that is quick and easy to deploy.”

The brand-new industry apps for Digital 360 will assist industries in financial services, grocery, healthcare, nonprofit and more to deliver digital experiences at a rapid face and accelerate their digital transformation efforts.

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