Salesforce Lightning App Builder Adds Low-Code Forms Features

Salesforce Lightning App Builder Adds Low-Code Forms Features

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Salesforce has previewed Dynamic Forms and Dynamic Actions, two upcoming low-code form-building features that are set to debut in its upcoming Summer ’20 release.

A Salesforce low-code tool on Lightning App Builder, Dynamic Forms enables the drag-and-drop creation of complex forms for internal business workflows of users. The “dynamic” part includes showing custom fields that populate the form as an employee fills it out. 

On the other hand, Dynamic Actions could be described as an accompanying wizard-like interface that guides Salesforce users  through the creation of workflows that route employees filling out forms to a next appropriate step based on their roles or where they are in the completion of a process like hiring or onboarding.

Nicole France, an analyst at Constellation Research, remarked there is tremendous interest in having these tools in the digital workspace that employees are already using. Nicole added even though it’s easy to do integrations through APIs, it’s still way easier to have something integrated into the tool set you’re already using than to go get something else and to integrate it.

Ajay Dubedi, the CEO and Founder of Cloud Analogy, remarked Salesforce users will appreciate these new, low-code tools as they are native to the platform. Ajay added the low-code tools of Salesforce represent the latest push for Salesforce to extend its reach outside the platform into the back office. He further commented that the low-code platform of Salesforce is in a good position to remain relevant among operations teams.

In the Salesforce Summer ’20 release, Dynamic Actions will appear in beta; Dynamic Forms will be in “non-GA preview” that means Salesforce customers will be able to use the feature, but it will not be in its final state.

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