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Salesforce Partnered With InclusionHub To Provide A Better Customer Experience

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Salesforce, a CRM service provider, has teamed up with InclusionHub as a founding partner to develop content and expert insight for the audience of InclusionHub.

Launched in February 1999, Salesforce is promoting a first-of-its-kind digital accessibility resource and database designed to help digitally present Business organizations and institutions to learn more about digital inclusion solutions.

Tom Frantz, a Senior Manager of Accessibility Partnerships and Public Relations at Salesforce, said that they are fortunate to be in a place to help create something with and for the community. InclusionHub plays the role of a centralized resource committed to the people who do this crucial work, and an excellent platform to share truths is foremost. They are excited to have the opportunity to ditch the corporate-heavy messaging and uphold the integrity of our community’s stories. They will aim to keep InclusionHub relevant by considering it a work-in-progress in collaboration with the community’s evolving insight, feedback and needs. He truly believes in this initiative because the people behind InclusionHub are dedicated to the mission.

Both the companies will develop well-thought-out ideas on the continued expansion of the initiative parallel with existing founding partners Be My Eyes and Morey Creative Studios.

Will Butler, a VP of Community at Be My Eyes, an accessibility app for the blind and low-vision community, said that he is delighted that Salesforce is joining them in supporting the crucial work of improving the digital experience of millions of people through InclusionHub. With Salesforce’s support and collaboration, they will have a more significant impact than any one of them could have alone.

Jon Sasala, President of Morey Creative Studios, a New York-based digital marketing agency, said he could not imagine a perfect partner for InclusionHub. The platform has been incredibly well-received since its launch. It is starting to deliver on its mission of helping accessibility practitioners to learn about the variety of solutions available to them. But everyone involved is also conscious that, while we’re focused on doing things the right way for the communities that InclusionHub serves, They are not perfect and might make some mistakes along the way. The Salesforce team contributed to this project’s sense of openness and authenticity with their expertise and support. He is confident Salesforce will help accelerate InclusionHub’s growth, which will help them all to create a better, more inclusive web for everyone.

Thus, this partnership is expected to provide the InclusionHub audience with a better customer experience in the long term.


Suraj Tripathi

Salesforce Consultant | Solution Engineering Head
"Suraj Tripathi, a certified Salesforce Principal Consultant of repute, is a wonderful mentor and leader. A certified Salesforce Architect and a 7X Salesforce Certified Platform Application Developer by passion and profession, Suraj has rich experience in languages such as Aura, HTML, Angular, Bootstrap, APEX, and JavaScript. With more than five years of expertise in Salesforce Development, Suraj has worked on more than 50+ projects out of which 20+ projects were related to Salesforce Integration, Writing Triggers, Batch classes, VisualForce pages, and Aura Components. At Cloud Analogy, he is the backbone of a wide range of projects from all perspectives - technology, architecture, project management, customer stakeholder management, etc. His energy on the floor is difficult to match and his passion to accept nothing but excellence makes him a leader around whom a team can always rally."

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