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Salesforce To Create $2.6bn Business By 2024 In UAE

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CRM leader Salesforce has announced new research from IDC that revealed that Salesforce and its partner ecosystem will create $2.6 billion in new business revenues and 11,180 new jobs in the UAE by 2024.

It was also disclosed by the research that the CRM giant is driving massive gains for its ecosystem of partners that will see $6.58 in gains for every $1 Salesforce makes by 2024.

Cloud computing is stimulating this growth and offering rise to a series of new technologies, including the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, mobile, and social that are creating new streams of revenue and jobs fueling the growth of the cloud — creating an ongoing virtuous cycle of innovation and growth.

According to IDC, nearly 50 percent of cloud computing software spend globally will be tied to digital transformation by 2024 and will be accounting for approximately half of all software sales. Spending on cloud computing between now and 2024 will grow by 27 percent in the UAE from $184million in 2018 to $778 million in 2024.

“With this Sanitary Emergency we realized that Digital is becoming more and more important. The UAE is at the global forefront of cloud-based nationwide digital transformation enabling economic growth and job creation,” said Petra Jenner, General Manager and Senior Vice President – Europe, Middle East, and Africa Emerging Markets, Salesforce.

“Salesforce’s rapidly growing economic impact in the UAE – with $2.6 billion in revenue and 11,180 jobs by 2024 – shows that organizations and channel partners are delivering innovative digital business models to foster new levels of employee and customer experiences and business competitiveness.”

The Salesforce ecosystem in the UAE in 2019 is more than 4.5 times larger than Salesforce itself, and will grow to 6.5 times larger by 2024 as companies spending on cloud computing subscriptions also spend on ancillary products and services. It is estimated by IDC that the CRM giant in the UAE will drive the creation of 18,700 indirect jobs from 2019 through 2024. These jobs will be created from spending in the general economy by those people filling the 11,180 jobs previously mentioned.

“We expect the UAE’s digital economic growth and job creation to be strong across financial services, manufacturing, retail, communications and media, healthcare and life sciences, and government,” Thierry Nicault, Executive Vice President for Enterprise Business Unit – Middle East, Africa, Central Europe, Salesforce.

“The UAE’s digital transformation is helping to weather the current COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and foster long-term economic self-sufficiency.”

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