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Salesforce To Power Its Digital Transformation For Ferguson

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Salesforce has announced that Ferguson has selected them, the most significant U.S distributor of plumbing supplies and the major dealer of HVAC equipment, to power its digital transformation. With the help of Ferguson, the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform will gain the source of truth and provide a view of its commercial and residential customers wherever they are engaging with the company.

The engagement can be online or in the showroom or the plumbing counter, or over the phone, thus improving the track and managing the projects from everywhere. Ferguson will be using the Sales Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Service Cloud, Tableau CRM, and Experience Cloud to create more personalized and efficient experiences for the customers over every channel and enhance their productivity.

Bret Taylor, the President and COO of Salesforce, stated that its vision is to powerfully digitize every touchpoint and experience for their customers, employees, and partners. Ferguson will be an excellent example for businesses to reimagine themselves for the digital world.

With Salesforce uniting with Ferguson will help enhance the insights of the associates and gain knowledge of every customer and their projects to enable them to deliver more personalized service and support across all the channels. Also, Salesforce’s B2C and B2B commerce solutions will receive help from the streamlined buying process for the customers. This will be from the initial inquiry time to the order processing and fulfillment. 

Experience Cloud will also allow people to get involved in a project which has more visibility. Thus, allowing Ferguson associates to collaborate with the customers according to their orders and through an online portal where people can view and manage the supplies and materials.

Michael Sajor, the Global CIO, and SVP of Ferguson mentioned that their decisions are centered around the customers. The company wants to make sure that they maintain a genuine connection with their customers and drive a personalized experience with them. 

Salesforce is an essential tool, which helps in linking the two experiences and celebrating digitally-enabled human relationships. The end goal of both companies is to create a smooth experience for their customers no matter where their business is situated. 

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