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Salesforce Unveils New Salesforce Customer Data Platform Innovations

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Salesforce, the world’s most preferred customer relationship management company, has released a new version of its customer data platform (CDP) that provides various innovations such as enhanced segmentation, deeper integrations with Tableau and Mulesoft, and more.

These innovations to Salesforce CDP updates have been introduced to help companies make customer interaction more personalized and connected by prioritizing their first-party data.

Salesforce Customer Data Platform was offered under the company’s core CRM platform to assist organizations in managing consent and identity, unifying customer data, activating and segment audiences, and optimize engagement for powerful marketing, advertising, personalized engagement across sales, marketing, commerce, and service. 

Some of the latest innovations introduced by Salesforce to its CDP platform include:

MuleSoft – Known as the world’s #1 integration platform that empowers marketers to connect to any external app and data source from anywhere without compromising on security. By unlocking data from AWS or Microsoft and integrating them with Salesforce CDP data, Marketers can easily craft connected digital experiences for a comprehensive view of their customers.

Smarter Segmentation – Business users can query data and build smarter audience segments more effectively. For better and smarter segmentation, the improved segment builder uses type-ahead functionality for suggesting new attributes. With the help of a newly enhanced segment builder, users can easily improvise, replicate, and share previous segments for delivering faster time-to-value and actual results.

Tableau – It is the world’s leading analytics platform that includes unified profile IDs and calculated insights. With the new update, marketers would have the ability to understand who is more engaging, on what platform, and what drives their interest and keep them interested.

Calculated Insights  – It helps in improving unified profiles via metrics like customer lifetime value and engagement scores. Businesses would be able to rank or segment customers into categories, including “loyal top spenders” or “newly lapsed customers,” to build smarter and faster, and easier engagement. 

Open Access: Through Salesforce AppExchange apps, Salesforce CDP will allow customers to activate their segment data throughout the process of participating ISV partners to build personalized customer experiences across all channels such as web, mobile, and connected TV ads. It will provide a safe and secure way for customers to deliver and improve their

their CDP data with better quality, intent, behavioral, location information, and much more.

Robin Grochol, SVP of product management for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, remarked: “This is about connecting all of a marketer’s customer data, a lot of which is already in Salesforce, through our sales, service, marketing, loyalty, and commerce applications. But we also recognize that data can exist outside of Salesforce in a customer’s ecosystem, which is why we want to make it as easy as possible for a customer to pull their data together.”

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