Salesforce Updates Service Cloud To Transform Customer Service

Salesforce Updates Service Cloud To Transform Customer Service

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Salesforce, the world’s #1CRM, has announced the next generation of Service Cloud intended to support ever-evolving customer expectations and provide personalized service from anywhere on a single digital engagement platform.

In today’s announcement, the new features are added to Service Cloud Voice, Workforce Engagement, Visual Remote Assistant, and more. All the latest updates are applicable across various domains, from retail to manufacturing.

Until last year, the service agents were dependent on legacy technology that consisted of real-time solutions and spreadsheets. The technology utilized was not designed to support workforces globally. Not just this, agents had to face various complications related to customers’ varied in-demand experiences, including curbside pickup and appointment setting.

Now, different services are coming back on track. For instance, 97% of the audience hopes to shop from a store like they used to do. Reopenings will bring along different sets of questions and challenges along the way. Service agents who were already on the frontlines and were working under increased workloads or demands from the consumers will face a new level of challenge. According to a study, 82% of consumers are expected to continue contact customer service in the current scenario, and only 36% of professionals are fully prepared to tackle the circumstances.

Clara Shih, CEO of Service Cloud, Salesforce, said: “We are on the cusp of a great reopening of society, and companies know they need to move quickly to seize the moment,” “While customers and companies alike are eager to return to in-person experiences, digital behaviors we learned and grew accustomed to during the pandemic are here to stay,”

A glimpse Of Salesforce Service Cloud latest transformations


One of the best features of Salesforce is Service Cloud Voice that brings together the power of digital channels and CRM data in one central view for boosting service agents’ productivity. Salesforce Service Cloud Voice provides the agent with call transcription and AI-powered guidance on recommended next steps. With the new updates to Salesforce Service Cloud, customers can now integrate their existing phone systems with Service Cloud Voice for Partner Telephony. The integration creates a unified agent and digital channel experience for delivering quick and seamless service.

Another feature of Salesforce Service Cloud is Workforce Engagement, which uses artificial intelligence and helps service agents assume the no. of requests that will come to the contact center. With the latest update, service leaders will have the ability to effectively plan and strategize staffing needs, assigning agents the task based on their skills as per the availability and preferences of shifts. Agents can work at a single workspace that integrates the data. They will also have access to real-time coaching and guidance from anywhere via myTrailhead, an online learning platform integrated with Service Cloud.

Einstein Bots, known as the intelligent chatbots, translate human conversations and then resolve common issues immediately. This empowers agents to spend most of their time and resources delivering fast and effective responses. With the next generation of Service Cloud, customers can build, deploy

new chatbot using Pre-Built Einstein Bots with a few clicks to help with seamless customer interactions.

When it comes to limiting in-person interactions and prioritizing employee

safety and security, delivering a compelling customer experience will remain the top priority. Visual Remote Assistant features enable mobile technicians to reduce time and costs while working on-site to see what the customer sees through video support, so they can quickly resolve complex issues, anywhere and anytime.

New Service Cloud features empower organizations with the technology they require today to support agents working remotely.

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