Salesforce Winter 23 Release: Here’s The Latest Notes & Highlights

Salesforce Winter 23 Release: Here’s The Latest Notes & Highlights

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The Salesforce platform does not miss any chance to keep its users engaged and updated with the new features. It ensures constant development and improvements to deliver optimal performance for its end users. That’s why new features are introduced three times a year. Winter 2023 update is here! 

Let’s unveil the exciting features & enhancements:


This new Salesforce release includes improvements to increase reps’ productivity with flexible procedures and automation. Three main elements were covered: subscription quotes, dynamic forms enhancements, and enablement.   

Dynamic Forms Enhancements:

Improvements to dynamic forms will let users create more flexible forms pages for accounts, contacts and prospects. 


The new Salesforce release will come up with certain improvements to help improve your services via communications and equipment management. 


The Winter ’23 release will focus on improving customer experience via optimized and customized marketing features.

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement:

Pardot is now known as Marketing Cloud Account Engagement. The new name will be rolled out through updates in the upcoming months”.

Users can instantly take action on prospects via Engagement Studio programs in third-party apps. 


To make every transaction beneficial, this new release will add a TikTok Integration for Commerce, B2B Commerce and B2B2C Enhancements, and better Store Fulfillment.

Financial Services

The financial improvements included in this release will help develop relationships and decrease service costs.

Data Templates:

This release brings us another time-saving feature that will work when preparing data: adding data templates. The input widget will evaluate outcomes and impacts in real time and show the result straight on dashboards. 

Salesforce Winter ’23 Release Next Steps

Are you excited about these new features that will surely give a better Salesforce experience? Wondering – When will they take effect? Some features in the Winter ’23 release apply to all users and instantly took effect when the release went officially live. Other features need direct action by an administrator before users can profit from the new features. 

For the detailed release notes: Salesforce Winter ’23 Release Notes.

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