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Snowflake and Salesforce Rolls Out New Cloud Data Platform Tools

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Snowflake, the cloud data platform, has announced the latest technological innovations and advancements from its strategic partnership with Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM provider. This will allow businesses to collect, unify, and analyze all data on the Snowflake cloud data platform.

In today’s ever-changing environment, businesses undergo significant changes such as the local and global impacts of coronavirus and the need to promote business recovery and continuity.

To drive such change, organizations need a single repository for all of their data, including how they generate data via Salesforce, their business applications, mobile applications, web activities, and IoT devices.

Both Snowflake and Salesforce customers now will be able to quickly and smoothly transfer Salesforce data into the Snowflake cloud data platform. 

Frank Slootman, the CEO of Snowflake, commented: “The vast data clouds of Salesforce, including sales, marketing and service; Salesforce’s advanced analytics; and Snowflake’s market-leading cloud data platform; comprise a formidable combination of capabilities to mobilize data in the service of the enterprise.”

Through native integration of the two technologies, companies can easily standardize and analyze all data in the Snowflake Cloud data platform and visualize it with business intelligence tools such as the Tableau and Salesforce applications.

Snowflake and Salesforce announced the following tools:

Einstein Analytics Output Connector for Snowflake – It is a native integration tool that enables customers to seamlessly and smoothly move data from Salesforce to Snowflake and integrate with Einstein Analytics and Tableau. The Einstein Analytics Output Connector for Snowflake will be generally available for customers later this year.

Einstein Analytics Direct Data for Snowflake – With this tool, Einstein Analytics users can request data within Snowflake. It includes Salesforce data and data generated by business applications, mobile applications, web activities, and IoT devices. It also contains data collected by Snowflake customers through the Snowflake Data Marketplace, where organizations seamlessly and securely discover, explore, and access data.

The Einstein Analytics output connector for Snowflake is currently in the beta stage and will be available for customers later.

Features of Snowflake’s Cloud Data Platform 

  1. Snowsight is a highly customizable tool to run queries and commands in Snowflake and collaborate and visualize data and create automated dashboards.
  2. Dynamic Data Masking allows customers to create policies based on permissions.
  3. External Tokenization for integration with third-party token systems.
  4. Search optimization functionalities to call external services for query support.
  5. Data exchange for secure direct data exchange that is managed with units, partners, suppliers, and customers.
  6. Snowflake Data Marketplace to access third-party data sets that have been configured for the Snowflake platform.

Adam Selipsky, Tableau president and Chief Executive Officer, said: “Access to timely, trustworthy information has never been more important as organizations are looking to empower everyone to make faster, more informed decisions rooted in data.

The two companies said that the two integrations would extend and deepen their partnership, to deliver data and analytics modernization that boosts digital transformations for joint customers.

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