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Visual Remote Assistance by Deliver Service Anytime and Anywhere

Sharing is caring! is coming up with visual remote assistance to help the customers get the service they need. The cloud-based software company makes sure that they are coming up with the best practice by keeping the customers’ and employees’ safety and experience at the highest priority.

With the upcoming visual remote assistance, Salesforce focuses on the employee concern, building employee loyalty with the help of mobile workforce engagement, creating jobs, driving sustainability, and supporting accessibility. 

With the current pandemic situation going on, many customers are worried about having on-site technicians, and this is where visual remote assistance comes to play. The visual customer assistance and remote support software will help enable support and service from anywhere and anytime worldwide, without any high bandwidth connections or physical contact.

Also, the remote support software helps empower the contact center agents and other field service technicians to solve the customer’s issue with the help of guided and virtual real-time interaction. It also allows technicians who are on-site to help resolve the issue.

Alongside the advanced remote support software, the customer will be provided an agent or technician to the physical environment through a smart device in real-time. The smart device used here will be an augmented reality (AR), which can help display on-screen graphical information about the object that needs to be serviced. The technician or agent will provide a step-by-step direction along with annotations on their mobile screens so that they can resolve as many issues as possible. 

Also, the service organization will also be receiving a visual record for further future references.

Salesforce has provided three examples of how the remote support software can be used:-

1. Agent Resolves The Customer’s Issue.

2. Expert Helps On-Site Technician To Solve The Problem.

3. Customer Gets Visual Remote Assistance And In-Person Support.

To implement the remote support software all you need to do is to quickly integrate it into your existing service console. Agents can set up a virtual assistance session with the customer by just a simple button click, within the service console. Whereas the technicians can do this from the smart devices.

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