Zoho Announces New Features And Apps For Its Zoho One System

Zoho Announces New Features And Apps For Its Zoho One System

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Zoho Corporation is a worldwide software company specializing in cloud computing, web-based business solutions, and software development. Marketing, sales, customer service, email, human resources, financial, management, business intelligence, and other back-office functions are among the products and applications it offers.

The Zoho one system’s latest update includes AI-powered conversation analytics, data preparation, collaboration tools to accommodate different work models, Mobile Application Management (MAM) functionalities, telephony provider integrations for Zoho users, customizable user dashboards, and more.

Zoho also unveiled Zoho Commerce, a new service that helps retailers create online stores with tools for collecting orders, tracking inventory, shipping management, brand marketing, and data analysis that link with third-party payment processors.

When employees, customers, partners, and suppliers interact with organisations, the experience they have is usually a mirror of how the firm and its systems are structured within. The bulk of systems are currently disconnected as a result of vendor-provided siloed solutions,” said Praval Singh, Vice-President, Zoho Corp, in a virtual press conference.

Zoho One promises to solve problems of businesses that face operational, digitization, and retention difficulties. According to a company news release, the new features are intended to promote a hybrid work paradigm and experience that will help organizations scale even in unexpected times while allowing easy customization and personalization of workspaces to improve the user experience.

The new features include services that boost collaborative productivity, improve employee experience, and bring applications that bridge the gap between employees, employers, and teams, preparing organizations for the future. 

Furthermore, innovations such as embedded and conversational DataPrep, Work Graph, and Enterprise Search enable users to predict and provide unified, real-time insights from several departments, allowing for confident decision-making.

Over 40,000 businesses use Zoho One. In addition, it saw 60 percent year-over-year client growth in 2020, with the average number of apps utilized by enterprises climbing to 21.

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